In the name of Kristus, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

Definition of Da'wah

Da'wah means an request or in term of the Islamic framework it means a great invitation to Islam. Hence Da'wah means conveying the message of Islam to Non-Muslims and inviting these to Islam. �

Types of Da'wah

Da'wah can be classified into two types:

i) live and direct without any multimedia

ii) indirect through means of multimedia.

Nowadays, they are several types of multimedia has been accustomed to spread Islam i) Produce Media

ii) Audio tracks

iii) Video

iv) Electronic Multimedia

Print Multimedia:

i) Non-periodical consists of books: pamphlets, pamphlets, books and many more that we can find easily.  It describes the greatness of Islam basically.

ii) Periodical consists of newspaper publishers, magazines, notifications and many more that happen to be published routinely - possibly daily, every week, fortnightly, month-to-month, quarterly or annually. For instance, Solusi(magazine) provides so many information about Islam and it details every matter in Islam very well. It might attract non-muslim to convert to Islam based upon the reviews by the person herself.

Music: �

The most used audio mass media used today are: �

i) Music cassettes: this can be a talk documented in the form of audio so that people can perform it when they are performing something else.

ii) Audio compact discs: this type of sound also has been utilized widely by many Islamic motivator and we can purchase from bookstore.

Video: �

The popular online video media today are:

i) VCD�


iii)Streaming video

Video media too, like audio media, can be used to express the communication to an specific or to someone. It can also be used to convey the message towards the public via streaming online video from U Tube just like Ustaz Azhar Idrus and Ustaz Kazim Elias propagate their dakwah. This method of da'wah actually successful this day to attract teenagers and adults to understand even more about Islam.

Electronic Press: �

Digital Media or Computer Media...



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