My Aspirations

People have their own dreams in life. It is always an excellent to have an ambition in one's life. A person without an aim or ambition in life is a regrettable person. With out a set aim, a person can obtain nothing in the life. An ambition can be an incen-tive to a person to knuckle down and to achieve success in life. Differing people have different goals. Some folks dream of becoming leaders, politicians and sociable reformers. A few want to amass prosperity, others want to achieve popularity and still others want to serve the mankind. You will discover others with a fad for getting poets and writers whereas most of the people generally have a desire of becoming doctors, technicians or experts. Many small boys and girls desire to become celebrities anMy desire in life is always to become a teacher. The thought of simple living and substantial thinking encourages me to take up this occupation. The sole thing of my life is to business lead a life of ease and amazing benefits devoted to the service of others. The good good examples set by the great educators of the previous are just before me. All their life and work motivate me greatly to devote mysВ«lf to the noble job. d fashionistas. Thus aspirations differ from individual to individual. As a teacher, I want to provide my nation in my very own humble method. There are a lot of illiterate people in India. Removal of illiteracy is considered the most urgent need today. The role of any teacher is usually supreme below. I wish to perform what I may to educate my own countrymen. I am fully aware of the very fact that the professors in our nation are ill-paid. A good educator is a real good friend, philosopher and guide of the students. The teacher removes the darkness of ignorance from the heads of the learners and fills them with know-how and commendable ideals. I have to fulfil this kind of dream as being a teacher. A teacher needs to be free from corruption. I want to be honest and hard-working in my occupation. A educator should be a version to the learners and to the society.



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