Old People

Nepal, becoming a village-dominant region has practically quarter of its population comprising seniors (60+ grow older group) according to the census statement and it is found that the human population of older people is slowly but surely increasing. The 60+ older group folks are called dependant and sedentary people. Parent people are part of the contemporary society where we live in. But it really is also a bitter truth that older people are not treated well so far in the relatives or in a world at present circumstance. The world is definitely dynamic or changeable. Many of us become aged after distinct period of time. This is certainly continuous and natural procedure. In fact , every time a man increases older, they becomes literally as well as psychologically helpless and week. Because of this, his/her working capacity gets decreased physically. It is over and above a mans control to grow older. While Nepal, a developing region is going along with this ever changing and unavoidable modernization for great rate, it is missing the fact that elder folks are to be well known. Obviously, seniors are much more experienced about one of the most things we all talk about in our daily lives. They had resided their lifestyle through many ups and downs than we, so called modern individual have done up to now. We might call ourselves a literate and modern people but do keep in mind that only getting multiple certifications do not make a guy wise, honest and perceptive. They (elders) might be illiterate but they have far more expertise than us. There is the condition of being only for the people in today's society wherever people need modern indivisible family. Additionally it is due to their busy life, all their dream to be rich quickly, generation distance and so on. Becoming a successful organization man, a son does not like to live with his old parents. This individual suddenly forgets the hard labors of parents to get their child to a boarding school, forgets the words this individual kept whilst his daddy walked him around carrying on shoulder joint about providing happiness just like no one at any time have thought, forgets the warmth...



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