Cooper-Pearson is a very good sports-marketing firm with 75 employees. It has been in existence to get 10 years, and it obviously has a dazzling future. One of the fundamental reasons for Cooper-Pearson's extraordinary growth have been an investment in selecting the best and brightest males and females from colleges and universities throughout the Usa and paying out them very well. Cooper-Pearson Sports Marketing provides noticed that, before 2 years, 15 key older employees have remaining the company. Many of these people have signed up with Always on your ball Sports Marketing Company, a competitor of Cooper-Pearson. During the exit interviews, one of the reasons that was consistently pointed out as a reason behind leaving was the lack of enough or cost-effective medical insurance.

Cooper-Pearson Sports Advertising managers have come to understand that a competitive payment package must include insurance that staff want and can afford. In addition they understand that health care insurance has become an essential recruitment instrument in bringing in quality personnel. Like the organization, quality coverage is extremely important, yet so is usually cost. Your Role

The corporation has employed your solutions to research several insurance programs. First, compare and contrast the differences among an HMO, a PPO, and a great indemnity insurance program. From the list listed below, select and discuss for least another important support that Cooper-Pearson should consider when selecting an insurance system.

1 . Discuss the value of managed-care physician credentialing. 2 . Make clear the benefits of a prescription medication program for the employer plus the employee. three or more. Explain the value of quality-management indicators in managed-care applications.

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