Module 2 Section two

EXPERIMENT: DNA & Protein Synthesis

Physical exercise 1 – Modeling DNA

1 . List the several bases that are found in DNA. (1 pt)

The four bases found in GENETICS are cytosine, adenine, guanine and thymine.

2 . Fit any six nucleotides together to form a row, after that list the six nucleotides in the purchase you employed them. Work with your style pieces and try installing the bases together to create a double strand as

shown in Figure being unfaithful of the research laboratory manual. Which nucleotides kind pairs? (2 pts)

The nucleotides type pairs as follows: guanine-cytosine and adenine-thymine.

three or more. The following list indicates the bases using one strand of a DNA molecule. Write inside the names of

the bases that may pair with each to help make the complementary follicle. (2 pts)





4. What are the three molecular pieces of a DNA nucleotide? (3 pts) The three molecular pieces of a GENETICS nucleotide really are a sugar (deoxyribose), a phosphate group, and a nitrogneous base.

Exercise 2 - The Globin Gene

1 ) Use the DNA coding follicle to full the DNA molecule simply by creating a free of charge strand. To accomplish this, remember that the nucleotide foundation pair association between DNA is A -T and G –C. Write down thier complimentary follicle. (2 points)


Supporting Strand: GCAGAGAAGCCTGTG

2 . Write the mRNA pattern that will be made in the process of transcription (2 points). Understand that the coding strand of the DNA is the strand which has the information to get the gene, so you need to transcribe the coding follicle. To go through the process of transcription the DNA – RNA pairing relationship can be described as - U, T – A, C - G and G – C.


3. Translate the m...



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