Pet Friendly Getaway Hotel

Business summary

Family pet is householder's good friend. Because the people's life turns into busy, they generally forget their pet that is waiting them at home. To be able to increase the romantic relationship between domestic pets and the owner, we hope each the owner provides a wonderful vacation with their pet in our family pet hotel.

Family pet Friendly Vacation Hotels is the new endeavor in Macao. It is our new idea of a large lodge. Our resort concept of building is to offer diversified services, and let household pets and the owner live in our hotel. The prospective for creating pets and the owner can enjoy the entertainment and amusement hotel which may have pet motel, music garden, pet grooming, pet hospital and pet schooling camp teaching.

Nowadays, your pet market provides a huge online business opportunity. We have specialist and excited management staff. Within a few days, they can enjoy resort style parent-child period. Not only house animals can go through the happiness. They also have the simple joys of time intended for holiday.

Really is endless our getaway hotel is going to reduces the length between house animals and the owner, and provide buyers all kinds of service satisfaction and pleasure value. Permit our fresh hotel turn into to the best of family pet hotel in Macao.

Industry evaluation

Nature of industry:

Most of Macau hotel is made for tourists. Without even both for individuals and house animals. This pet hotel is definitely combined with people and pets have a nice destination to enjoy short-term holiday. The concept is human-pet relationships as relative and increase enjoyment entertainment satisfaction.

Monetary trends:

In recent years, the numbers of pets have continued to expand that promoted the pet market in Macau. People remedied pets being a family instead of playmate only. It means the pet market is turning into prosperous. While using social expansion and living standards increase, pet become the most devoted partner and family of people and the worth of pet also increased significantly.

Regulatory problems:

Pet lodge issupervised simply by Division of Pet Control and Inspection (DICV).

Potential hazards:

Personnel difficult to recruit is a potential problem in this industry. Pet shop personnel is different to a common personnel. Not only have got professional requirements, but have heavy work load. Staff could often nip or scratched by pets. They have to operate much harder than others do. Staff recruitment with this industry is somewhat more difficult than other. Due to pet hotel possess consumers and pets, chance of pet attack consumer happen. There have got doubts regarding safety. Increase leisure entertainment.

Business Description

Our work and Eye-sight:

Produce a pet and owners can easily share entertainment leisure place. The value is satisfying pet and someones emotional conversation. Brings excitement for pets or animals as the first priority idea. The money for feedback about dog affair, want to improve the situation of stray animals, every one of the small pets or animals can possess owners and a appreciate nest.


Raise partner own money and traditional bank financing total of eight million patacas, develop a chemical substance " pet hotel”.

Legal Form:

Limited Alliance of your five people.

Services and products description

The major services are Kennel Service, Family pet Grooming Assistance, Day Care, Pet Wedding and Birthday Party.

Kennel Services is highlight of our lodge. Our professional establishments include top quality guest rooms, a canopied park and a munch bar. We provide accommodation of air-conditioned personal indoor rooms separated by simply concrete wall surfaces to prevent disturbances from neighbors. High quality ceramic tiles on surfaces and floor help maintain a clean and dried out environment. An independent window in each area for adequate lighting and ventilation may minimize microbe and virus-like infection. We all aim at providing superb home-like ambience to get pet friends, cages aren't available. The hotel is complete with park with a cover. Dedicated caretakers are assigned to play with pets to lower the stress they may experience within a new environment and promote their adaptively.

You can expect professional Combing...



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