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Denise Phillips, revised 25 July 2012

Denise Phillips, revised 25 July 2012

So why Hazaras flee: An historical perspective of their persecution1 Submission for the Government's Experienced Panel about Asylum Seekers ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Denise Phillips BA (Hons), PhD Candidate, University of New England, nineteen July 2012

Quetta are usually discussed. Yesteryear ethnic and religious bitterness against fraction

Shiite Hazaras continues to travel the bloodshed today. Once we shift our

responsibilities overseas, vilify asile and follow a punitive style of prevention as a

solution, we disregard these past and present atrocities.

Business summary This kind of paper supplies historical information about the source region, Afghanistan. Since minority Shiites, Hazaras' current persecution is definitely borne away of an unresolved, century-old religious and ethnic hatred of them. This has ended in massacres, dispossession of their royaume and many years of institutionalised discrimination. Their persecution was fiercely reignited during the city war through the Taliban in the 1990s. Understanding that record is critical to policy-making. Not merely are Hazaras dying in boats, nevertheless also in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Quotes must react to this total crisis with humanity rather than punitive procedures. I support the recommendations made in the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre's submission plus the Open Letter. As Afghanistan moves to a possible Taliban alliance or faces growing lawlessness, and since Hazaras remain slain or attacked in Hazara-populated locations and in neighbouring Quetta, Hazaras are likely to always flee and possess grounds underneath the 1951 Refugee Convention to fear persecution. Launch In addressing the problem of asylum seekers risking their endures boat journeys to Australia, the reasons for their flight should remain in the forefront of policy-making and political controversy. I provide an famous overview of a key source region, Afghanistan, and of the roots of Hazaras' persecution. Current crises in both Afghanistan and

Abdur Rahman's subjugation of Hazaras in the nineteenth century

Following the traditionally dominating Pashtuns plus the Tajiks, Hazaras are the third largest

ethnic group in Afghanistan, even though a community. The Hazaras traditionally are in the

Hazarajat, a freely defined area within the central highlands. Although about 85 percent

of Afghanistan's populace follow Sunni Islam, the majority of Hazaras happen to be Shiite Muslims,

causing those to be condemned as ‘infidels' at different points through history. 2

Their enduring began in earnest in the late 1800s. The Hazaras had been a semi-

autonomous society living in Afghanistan's central highlands, the Hazarajat. The entire

Hazara population perhaps numbered above half a million, with about 340, 000 people

in the Hazarajat. Although not a cohesive group, most were Shiites and spoke the

Hazaragi terminology, a offshoot of Dari. In contrast, their particular surrounding cultural groups

were mostly Sunni Muslims and spoke Pashto or Dri. 3 Against a background of imperial

tensions among Britain and Czarist Russia, Britain helped install an anti-Russian

Pashtun, Amir Abdur Rahman (1880-1901), on the tub in Kabul in 1880. In between United kingdom India and Russia. four

exchange for any British annual subsidy, Afghanistan was to offer a buffer area

In the previous hundred years, the Pashtun tribal ruler, Ahmad Shah Durrani (1747-1773), had

previously established a pattern of subjugating sub-groups and other cultural groups within

the region. To bring Afghanistan's numerous tribes under a centralised specialist,

Abdur Rahman proclaimed the Durrani Pashtuns as great and mobilised Sunni Islam

with a patriotic xenophobia. Condemning Shiite Hazaras as ‘infidels', Rahid Rahman 1 Over-all notes sucked from Denise Phillips, From Afghanistan to Australia: An dental history of...



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