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Name: Hai Yu Tuttle Creek Pond

After dinner I drove to Tuttle Creek Lake. When I come to here, My spouse and i walked on the flat road. The road forward was hazy and attributes grew extra tall and dense trees and luxurious grass, placed on a little bit of green electricity provider for evening. There was a few insects chirp in the turf, which helped bring a little your life for evening. The hung moon above is so darkish and the night time seemed thus lonely. While i walked in the secluded course, suddenly a form of moist and fresh breath broke through in and the breath started to be stronger. Then I realized that the breath was from Tuttle Creek Pond. At this time, a gust of wind blew on my face and I experienced I looked like there was beyond the actual and subject to any bondage no longer. I actually sat on the rock local the pond and viewed Tuttle Creek Lake. Underneath the deep greyish sky, Tuttle Creek Pond was and so tolerance and endless. That looked like a huge mirror in calm within the lake created a small sky and even hold the hazy celestial satellite in the sky. But this time through this celestial satellite was not hazy, it confirmed bright light. The calm pond covered with silvery white colored armor and looked like it was ready to combat. The wind whack more brutal, the pond was no longer calm beneath the deep dreary sky and it looked erupt. The calm pond started to eliminate the waves and the shiny mirror was full of fractures, finally the mirror was broken. The lake surf became part upon level and impacted on the rubble. At this time My spouse and i sat near by the lake, the damaged waves chop down on my feet. When I stood around the coast and faced the vast lake, I felt I became so little. At this time, the boredom in my heart had been taken away in to the lake together with the waves. Wind was still blowing, the lake under the celestial satellite accepted my personal unhappiness and i also felt better and more cozy. I employed my ring finger to feel the water and tasted it. It was bitter and salty. I found the color of the lake became dirty. It blended some garden soil and the color became darkish. I can not view the...



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