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Efficient, quickly, and successful inventory management are important factors of a store owner's business. Store owners are tasked to create consistent, reliable, and on time decisions taking into consideration obstacles just like uncertainty, pressure, and deficiency of information. It is that shop keepers do not have enough time or details to make a excellent decision but are forced to solve problems employing resources inside their control. Powerful inventory control requires shop keepers to ensure arrays of the right items inside the correct amounts. When the retail store overstocks, money is squandered since procuring, storing, and accounting intended for unneeded products require period, space, and money that could have been applied to more essential assets. Also, when under-stocking occurs their grocer will more likely to only partly meet their very own mission or possibly not satisfy the mission whatsoever. Also, a weak products on hand control strategy is more at risk of errors and fraud. These are some of the problems of Janilyn B. Ong Chung, Queen. V. Retail outlet owner, your research client. The Q. Sixth is v. Store is actually a " sari-sari” store in a small compound someplace in Arevalo, Iloilo Town. Originally Sto Niño Store, it transformed its name in 2007, following changing supervision and title, the Queen. V. Retail outlet is known due to the fast and reliable companies also due to the location, making it convenient not only for the neighboring homes but for Rental property Rosa's, a beach resort correct in front of the institution, customers as well. It is a family-owned business exceeded from era to era. The store offers 2 separate stock areas for more space within the main building. Three refrigerators within the main building are also used wherever beverages happen to be stored and cooled. The second stockroom retains the supply cases for the beverages for the three fridges through a manual inventory program. This research will seek to recommend an enhanced inventory control program to be used by the store's materials. Statement with the Problem

The study will enhance the existing inventory control system pertaining to Q. V. Store's shares for a better inventory administration and to eliminate/reduce risks of errors and fraud. It will eventually seek to solution what development and design the store can adopt for a more effective and efficient inventory system. Especially, it endeavors to answer the subsequent questions: 1 . What are the latest policies and procedures of Q. Versus. Store to account for their Stocks inventory? 2 . Exactly what the strengths and weaknesses with the current products on hand control system? 3. What appropriate actions should be followed to minimize hazards from the weaknesses and dangers? 4. What inventory administration and accounting concepts, guidelines, and tactics should be used on the enhanced products on hand control program? Objectives with the Study

The main aim of the study is to measure the current stocks and options inventory control system of Q. V. Store and develop an increased inventory control system to get the store's stocks for any better inventory management and eliminate/reduce hazards of errors and scams. It will keep pace with give an enhancement and design the stocks can adopt for any more effective and efficient products on hand system. Specifically, the study aimed to:

1 . determine the latest policies and procedures of Q. V. Store to account for all their stocks inventory; 2 . confirm strengths and weaknesses with the current products on hand control program; 3. provide appropriate actions to be implemented to minimize dangers from the disadvantages and hazards; and, 5. Identify inventory management and accounting principles, principles, and techniques ought to be applied to the enhanced inventory control system. Relevance of the Examine

For Queen. V. Retail outlet, the result of the analysis can provide the management a view of their current stocks products on hand control system. Q. V. Store may adopt the recommendations to become done by the researchers to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of their stocks and shares inventory control system. Intended for other related " sari-sari”...

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