Questionnaire intended for Employee Determination



Q1. As how years you have recently been working in this organization? a. 0-5 Years b. 5-10 Years

c. 10-15 Years d. Much more than 15 Years

Q2. Rate your degree of satisfaction while using working lifestyle of the business? a. Very Satisfied b. Satisfied

c. Average d. Dissatisfied

at the. Highly Dissatisfied

Q3. Price the affirmation " Leading Management is interested in encouraging the employees”?

a. Firmly Agree n. Agree

c. Neutral deb. Disagree

e. Strong Disagree

Q4. Which sort of incentives motivates you more?

a. salary increase b. Promotion

c. gross annual bonus

Q5. Exactly what are the elements which inspires u even more?

a. Teaching b. functionality management c. effective management d. conversation with the employer

Q6. How far you are satisfied with the modern day incentives furnished by the Organization? a. Highly Happy b. Satisfied

c. Dissatisfied d. Extremely Dissatisfied

Q7. Job reliability is provided/assured in the firm and it assists me to get enthusiastic towards my personal work. 1 - Firmly Agree 2 - Concur

3 -- Neutral some - Don't agree

5 - Strongly Argue

Q8. Do you consider that bonuses and other benefits will impact your performance?

a. Influence n. Does not effect

c. Simply no Opinion

Q9. Does the Top rated Management require you in decision making that happen to be connected to your department? a. Yes b. No c. Occasionally

Q10. The support from co-workers is helpful to get enthusiastic. a. Highly agree m. agree c. neutral

d. disagree e. highly disagree

Q11. Performance evaluation activities are helpful to obtain motivated. a. Strongly concur b. acknowledge c. natural

g. disagree at the. strongly differ

Q12. What type of feeling you could have with the corporation?

a. Extremely Satisfactory n. satisfactory c. unsatisfactory g. highly ineffective

Q13. Will you be satisfied with your company's supervision? a. Extremely Satisfied m. satisfied c. unsatisfised

d. highly unsatisfised

Q14. Charge your level...



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