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Wy State Records Division of Social Resources Wy Department of State Parks and Ethnic Resources

August 2009


Introduction Documents Retention Agendas: How Activities Are Established Electronic Data General Plans State Data Center: Goal and Title of Information Active Record Systems Copy of Documents to the Condition Records Centre Transfer of Records Slated for Microfilming Records Research and Retrieval Destruction of Records Timetable Archives and Historical Exploration: Transferring Long term Records Evaluating Records pertaining to Historical Value Management of Records Planned for Long lasting Retention Archival Appraisal Conditions Microfilming the Records: Document Preparation In-House Micrographic Program Electronic Doc Imaging Meanings 17 19 19 twenty 12 13 13 sixteen 6 6th 8 being unfaithful 10 12 11 one particular 2 3 i

September 2009


Records play a vital role in the overall operation of state government activities. They serve as a great organization's memory, as a record of previous events, and since a basis for foreseeable future actions. Simply no government activity can be completed with out the documented facts contained in the information. By applying the guidelines of records and information management (RIM), we make an effort to assure this kind of role is fulfilled. Wy Statute 9-2-410 declares, " All public information are the real estate of the condition. They shall be delivered simply by outgoing officials and staff to their successors and should be preserved, stored, transferred, demolished or disposed of, and in any other case managed, just in accordance with W. S. 9-2-405 through 9-2-413. " The Records Management Unit in the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources is definitely founded on what the law states as reported. The unit's goals, capabilities, and providers to governmental agencies and to the public come directly from legislation and, because of the law, the unit is involved in every aspects of handling Wyoming's public record information. The half a dozen goals of the Records Management Unit happen to be: 1 . Publicize and promote sound CASING practices by any means levels of govt, thereby lowering tax dollars operating costs. 2 . Create records retention schedules that provide the legal destruction or perhaps permanent retention of conventional paper records, electronic media, and microfilm, as authorized by State Records Committee. a few. Manage a situation Records Middle for the storage of inactive and semi-active point out records. 5. Provide knowledge to all amounts of government regarding image devices, equipment, and supplies, to ensure that any systems installed happen to be economically feasible and sensible, and that consistent quality requirements are followed. 5. Set up and engage in training courses that give instructions in the idea, methodology and implementation of RIM applications. 6. Preserve a high level of experience by keeping informed of the most recent developments in the RIM discipline and throughout industry by simply attending workshops, equipment exhibitions, and specialist meetings. These goals lead to services for your agency, and all sorts of state government, in the management of public records. This kind of manual has become prepared to tell you the CASING services readily available and with the sincere hope that you make full use of them. The services we will go over are: documents retention plans, functions from the State Records Center, and destruction of records, archival preservation, and microfilming of records. These types of services are offered at no cost to your agency, and have been designed to give all state governmental organizations an efficient and cost effective way to manage the top volume of public information created by the State of Wyoming. There are other providers of the Records and Traditional Research, Specialized Services, and Records Managing units that operate in the Wyoming Point out Archives, tend to be not described in this manual. Our skilled and expert staff is often ready to enable you and to help you solve problems that may happen. Please please call us! -i-




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