Value Essay

We am extremely lucky to live in Canada, wherever this beautiful region has not been broken by break down of the area and cities, but rather gives protection from that, and delivers respectful education, freedom, and safety in order that we don't have to live a decided existence, or a life of dread.

What is " respectful education”? Well, you could say that it can be education that teaches kids not only program, but likewise how to become respectful to everyone and everything around them, you may declare it is education that a lot of places won't be able to give, you might also say that it really is great education that provides expertise and security, but I say it is all of these things. How you will may ask? Well, besides Canadian education provide the chance to teach students how to esteem one another, little it also offers; great curricular lessons and events, that some countries can't find the money for to give, and is also strict within the welfare and behaviour of students, to allow them to have a secure education. Additionally, there are some other suggestions I have regarding " well intentioned education”. For example , the extra curricular activities that some other countries don't provide, such as; sports teams, clubs, committees, and student authorities, that not simply improve their academics but also their physical skills, so that they may obtain scholarships pertaining to school.

For what reason would I actually mention freedom? We know Canada is a free of charge country, and we have the independence of conversation, but why else would I want to mention freedom? What else can we Canadians do freely? Very well, it is partly what we may do readily, but it is usually what the Government lets us do openly. For example , our government offers us the liberty to vote for different celebrations, but how could we do that if our government chose to throw away our freedom and turn into to dictatorship? If we were in a dictatorship, we would have to put up with disliked liberal and federal get-togethers and we can be controlled by the government's laws (we'd be the government's house animals. We'd need to...



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