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SUMMARY OF PAKISTAN'S OVERALL ECONOMY Importance of Full in Pakistan PAKISTAN'S PRICE TAG INDUSTRY- A REVIEW Retail Platforms in Pakistan i. Tiny Retailers 2. Supermarkets and Wholesale Centers Demand Individuals Important Groups i. Food & Beverages ii. Clothing iii. Boots iv. Overall health & Beauty v. Electronics vi. Furniture

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15 Full Formats by simply Regional Attentiveness 16 Business Real Estate vis-Г -vis Retail sector in Pakistan


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In spite of internal and external elements like political volatility, energy shortages and climatic unfortunate occurances threatening their economic balance, Pakistan features emerged with encouraging positive real GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth costs throughout the earlier decade. Also after the global recession strike in 08, it maintained a positive progress rate in all the years thereafter. Many global analysts remain positive of Pakistan's dramatical growth potential in coming years. Goldman Sachs' John O'Neill, for example, counts Pakistan among his ‘next eleven' economies which usually he thinks will be the motorists of global expansion in future occasions. Indeed, with the 6th many populous region in the world recording growth in real every capita salary (2. 9% in FY2010), real non-public consumption (7%) and global imports (14. 7%), most likely the global industry for services and goods will pull significant contributions from that.

A particularly motivating aspect about Pakistan's development is the large contribution from the services sector during the past few years. Currently adding 53. 30% to real GDP, the services sector provides maintained a majority's typical since in least ten years. The continuous growth in Pakistan's companies sector since 2004-05 can be indicative of countless positive modifications in our economy. This signifies overall economic expansion and shows the presence of an increasing consumer basic with growing incomes or perhaps purchasing power to enjoy a much larger share of services in their consumption bundles. Real GDP (at frequent factor cost) (PRK billion)

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The subsequent table exhibits a consistently growing trend in the employment-to-population ratio for a long time 15 years and over in the past decade.

Employment to Population Percentage by Sexual and Age (%)

Other demographic elements leading to increased consumerism and growth of companies include a within both total and city population. The increase in the amount of downtown population in the area indicates which a greater number of individuals now have access to the a comprehensive portfolio of goods and services found in urban centers. Total Populace (millions) Downtown as % of Total Population

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Pakistan is just about the next 9 economies generating global growth' – Goldman Sachs' Sean O'Neill • Pakistan is known as a resilient economy, its genuine GDP, showing positive development in recent years despite significant challenges like the global recession • The services sector contributes %53 to the total economy • The share of wholesale and full in companies is around %33, and in overall GDP, around %18 • Retail is definitely the 3rd major sector in Pakistan after agriculture and manufacturing plus the second most significant employer, using %16 with the total work force • Pakistan's retail market is estimated at USD 40 billion with expected annual sales more than USD 105 million simply by 2012 end • Essential contributing factors include a youthful...



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