Sangguniang Kabataan to get Barangay 138

п»їChapter 1

Introduction and Background

Computer system programmers, laptop engineers, web-developers and other computer enthusiasts have already been exploring other ways in creating different websites that will certainly help the globe especially in organization. Having a web page in one's company is very important and helps the business grow. As a result web development particularly in the business industry cannot be ignored nowadays.

Websites for different companies have been an important form of an advertisement. It can benefit the company in promoting everything and inviting consumers.

Because of the speedy advancement and importance of websites to the organization sector, they can use it to market, enhance and expand the company of the organization. Most companies that don't have a site often come across troubles including fewer consumers than expected because of poor advertisement towards the online community and a great probability that the organization of the organization will fall season because generally nowadays is found online.

One of many easiest strategies to build a website is to use a Content material Managing System (CMS) that allows the programmer in posting, editing and modifying material as well as web page maintenance. Content Managing Program (CMS) is usually user friendly and so even if the customer has no understanding on how to deal with or use it since the CMS manages all the contents so it will not be problems to the user.

Joomla One of the used and helpful Articles Managing Program (CMS) might be a great aid in web development. It really is user friendly to get the user may install it conveniently. So in just a few minutes an individual can start creating his website. The user can edit articles; customize the website by adding fresh themes and templates even if the user does not know very much in web design.. The rise of the CMS (Content Administration System) changed distinguishly the way how websites are developed. Through the traditional approach which needs technical staff and more gentleman power to a different way of expansion by which reduce man electric power; web development by a one man team. Of most the CMS, Joomla ways its method towards celebrity and success lead by " Master Chief” Toby Eddie. Joomla cms A content management system known worldwide for its highly competitive characteristics and features. Joomla makes it easy for people to make a website with its standard features which can be easy to use, will save you a lot of time because you can choose layouts that's been made by those people who are using JoomlaOr even creating multi-lingual websites, flexible, customizable that comes for free. Joomla's downloadable free templates will save a lot of time and enables builders to change or perhaps customize a number of its aspect to fit with the consumers requirements. Web templates give a clean, attractive appearance and feel to the internet site and entice the visitors. Joomla offers an online community support including domain experts like designers, developers, and so forth who assists beginners in building the website. Overall JoomlaIs said to be, economical, manageable, international and available. Joomla. org (2012) offers a wide array of plugins and expansion for showing photos and videos effectively. Extensions just like Light Box, Art Collection etc . happen to be downloadable within the official Joomla Website below extension section.

Standard Objective:

To develop a website beneath CMS Joomla! Framework pertaining to the Sangguniang Kabataan for Barangay. 138 Zone doze Specific Goals:

The following will be the expected results of the project after successful expansion: To create a website that will screen general information, progress and projects of Sangguniang Kabataan. To create a website that will serve as being a portal for Sangguniang Kabataan updates about announcements and news. To make a website that shall provide the whole program of the Sangguniang Kabataan To make a website that will aid as the basis of how the SK can be running.

Part 2

Review of Related Literatures and Studies...

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