Sexting Unfair Laws


Any woman can have sex if she actually is 16 nevertheless she are unable to send or perhaps take a picture of their self in a sexual was without being under the danger of becoming a sex arrest and the need to register for the sex offender registry that ought to only be to get real hard criminal like pedophiles and gang rapists. What will happen towards the boy whom gets captured with a bare pic of his girlfriend he will need to register and he will not be able to work, live or be around kids it might impact his job which in turn intern can affect each of our everyday lives teenagers underneath the age of 18 should not be mailing pic with their bodies pictures or sexualized but they must not be charged with child pornography teenagers WILL BE LOVESICK AND CANNOT recognize that they will be recharged for taking a pic of their own body( Purpose so sick right now I am going to puke! ) this law will only minimize the public's view of how criminal the registry really is they need to retain it for the Gang users and pedophiles they should be penalized but not for the extent we would sex offenders or pedophiles.


1 . The kid's

a. Charged with production and distribution of porn

b. Possession of porno

c. Perpetrator and sufferer

2 . The law's

a. 16 associated with consent intended for sex

b. Illegal to photograph

c. Illegal to send

d. Laws to protect kids

3. The sex computer registry

a. Challenge the computer registry

b. Alter life permanently

c. Convict gang rapists and pedophiles

My 16 year old young daughter has ran in the home so fast to use the toilet that this wounderful woman has thrown her backpack on the couch and her cellphone has arrived on the floor. It works out for me because I want a phone number by her contacts. To my surprise the initial thing I see can be described as picture of some 15 year olds penis. The girl tells me it can be her greatest friend's boyfriend's picture that he has sent to her best friend who have in turn sent it to my very curious, trusting daughter. I wonder if I actually tell her that if caught prosecuted and convicted she'd be...



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