Wise Communications Evaluation

Title: Smart Communication Inc (A) case analysis

Philippines among Asia's subsequent tier growing economies on the globe, possesses superb opportunities pertaining to Smart Marketing communications to tap into the lower cash flow markets. The reduced disposable salary and funds management concern of the lower income group and weak distribution channels pertaining to the lower profits group could possibly be successfully get over as found by preceding cases of Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. Intelligent Communications really should not be limited in market share by just focusing on existing customers. There exists great probability of expand and secure industry in the low income group to create about massive profits for the company. Clever Communications should certainly pursue an industry penetration technique for lower income buyers in the D & Electronic segments.

The existing issues of expanding to the lower income group had been the low disposable income, cash management concern and the insufficient established distribution channels. In order to into the low income groups, it could be vital to get Smart Marketing and sales communications to make proudly owning mobile handsets affordable. Clever Communications can easily make a plan a move to bring in subsequent hand devices from affluent customers who also change mobile phones regularly to offer to the lower income group in Philippines. With more people using handsets in the lower income group, they would have the ability to achieve progress in the smart money services and pre-paid credit.

One crucial issue plaguing the growth of pre-paid credits for the low income group is the earnings management concern. P100, which is the lowest price for a prepaid credit card in 2002 is equivalent to 80 percent of the daily income for over 50% from the population in Philippines. Clever Communications can easily fine-tune the credit packages by introducing less costly pre-paid greeting cards in lower credits. Additionally , they can also consider credit policy expansion. Credit conditions and policies could be brought to the lower income group to enhance pre-paid greeting card sales effectively. With the...



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