Socioeconomic Classes

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Appendix D

Educational Implications of Socioeconomic Status Matrix

Directions: Based on your own experiences and on the readings for this training course, answer the questions inside the green part of the matrix as they connect with each of the listed socioeconomic classes. Fill in your answers and post the final draft as directed by the course syllabus.

| |Socioeconomic Classes

Inquiries |Unemployed and Homeless |Working Class |Middle Class |Upper Middle Class |Upper Category | |Who is most likely to become part of this kind of socioeconomic class? |This socioeconomic class comprises of people who are not able to hold a stable job. And who have briefly lost their job. |People in this socioeconomic class operate manual labor careers such as farmville farm hands and construction staff. These people are blue collar workers. |People in this group are called light collar staff. The field of work they are in consists of clerical workers, technicians and salespersons. |People who happen to be in this socioeconomic class will be professionals, managers and managers. |In this kind of socioeconomic course are people of riches. Wealth that maybe receive or proved helpful for by judges or perhaps corporate lawyers. | |How do teacher expectations positively or negatively impact this socioeconomic school? |The teacher's expectation with this socioeconomic school has a negative impact. The teacher's tend not to expect much as they are not given much attention, so their education suffers. |Expectation for this socioeconomic class is usually low, they are really considered not able to achieve substantial academic amounts This has an adverse impact on students in this class. |This socioeconomic class is defined to higher expectations by teachers. Due to the high expectation provided by teachers, learners have a good outlook on their education. |Teachers seem to appearance...



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