Musician Reflection on Banksy

Musician Reflection #2

Sheri E. Huhn

Piedmont College – 630 Ellett

Summer 2013


|Banksy's controversial works are not named, not went out with, and could always be quickly skipped if the government bodies get them decorated over too | | |soon. In a single of many critical charged artworks of Banksy's, I chose to talk about the one beneath. In this picture, there are two | | |well-armed troops, one is crouching with his technical weapon in the ready, plus the other soldier is by using a paintbrush and a can easily | | |of red paint quickly painting a peace to remain a bare cement wall. Banksy appears to have got used red spray paint for drawing the viewer in, | | |and black spray paint with stenciling to develop depth and shadowing in the work. There may be emphasis put on the reddish peace sign as| | |it is usually central to the painting plus the crouching jewellry and the leaning soldier make a triangular unity to the part. The lines | | |of the symbol appear to almost aim each man as well as the one line down the middle to bring the eye down to the paint can. | | |Banksy's use of " graffiti” materials, spray paint and a general public wall identifies his means of thumbing his nose in government, governmental policies, | | |and the earth in general. I might argue that " graffiti” or street fine art is a reason behind disagreement among the list of public. As I see it, | | |many graffiti music artists are skilled and clever, but a lot of are considered pure " gang taggers”. The Urban Dictionary coins a tagger | | |as " a mostly negative term to get an inexperienced graffiti writer; or perhaps used like a general term for all graffiti vandals or writers by simply | | |law enforcement…. ” ( My opinion about the graffiti found on avenue signs in my neighborhood is merely that. | | |It serves as simply a way for gang users to tag their territory like puppies. It has zero finesse, zero artistic skill, just | | |symbols meant for violence for their foes and an indication that this factor is living among the security of my neighborhood. It| | |looks like criminal behaviour and is decipherable only by gangbangers or police company task power members. | | |Outside public " wall art” tends to accept the title of " art” only if this can be a commissioned part, such as a mural, meaning it absolutely was | | |most most likely and identified on with a board and paid for. There have been murals mounted in my city that I would not have chosen, but I | | |would have to sit on a plank or keep some impact to be able to help in those decisions, even then-it is my own interpretation of | | |what ought to be there and mine against others. My spouse and i appreciate masterfully done graffiti and I bear in mind that it a creative art form. I uncertainty I | | |could have this sort of precision using a can of spray fresh paint, with or without thoroughly exacted stencils especially working at speedy speed, | | |tall heights, and under these kinds of pressure. | | | |

Banksy's graffiti is definitely controversial as it sends messages, it is against the law because it defaces public real estate, and no subject how very well executed or thought invoking it may be, it can continue to be a great underground operation. Chapter three of Barrett's book, " Criticizing art: understanding the contemporary”, discusses the topic of controversial artwork in different situations. When Barrett spoke of Eric Fischl's works, it absolutely was in a intimate context. This section has resonance with Banksy only in the manner that he could be putting text messages in our deal with to deal with we keep forced down in the back of our private minds. Perhaps like the music group Pink Floyd with their angered politically-fueled words, Banksy is telling all of us " Hey, you, the federal government machine is actually there, you understand it maintains you conscious at night,...

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