Affirmation of Purpose

My own pursuit of essential as a career comes from my interest in healing the human body. At first inspired by my grandfather, it has been my own profession of preference for so long as i can remember; From a young child observing my grandfather unable to be mobile phone without the utilization of a cane, to my personal teenage years when I learned all about the mechanics of the body, to more recently, following your excision of an osteochondroma on my femur at my time spent in the proper care of a physical specialist. < ---RUN ON SENTENCE, ADJUST THAT These humbling experiences possess helped firm up my passion for essential.

Upon exploring various Essential programs across the country, The George Washington College or university doctor of physical therapy system was one which made a lasting impression about me. With my education, clinical knowledge, career goals and devotion, i would become grateful to become considered to get admission by The George Washington University. My own academic targets are to complete the DPT program in GWU. After completion of this software, I intend on passing the national licensure exam and beginning my dream career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. After creating myself as a physical specialist, I plan to pursue an MBA degree in preparing to open and manage my own, personal private practice.

Seeing that graduating from The University, plus employed being a physical therapy assistant abroad, in Ontario, Canada. Here, my responsibilities include creating and supervising the exercise portion of the therapy periods. I have extended to broaden my understanding of the career working in Century Physio and Health. Engaging in personal research has as well enabled me personally to broaden my expertise, and further sharpen my developing passion (CHANGE WORD MIGHT BE? ) for this field.

I truly prefer the active proposal and participation in solving problems, assimilation of the field's main values, and use of proof based practice to prepare college students for the profession since it...



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