System Aspect and Corporate Approach

5. Every corporation is a program

* It has a life similar to a human being

5. Some possess complex lives while others have simple lives

5. Some have very developed life routes while others have a lot of time for you to develop their particular life paths * A grouping of interacting, related, and interdependent elements building a complex whole * A configuration of parts linked and joined up with together by a web of relationships 2. The whole differs from, and greater than, the sum of its parts * Just like a human being companies have different operational parts * In some instances these can be called departments while in others they come in various other labels * All the parts must have ability to function with each other seamlessly and efficiently * All parts of the organization happen to be interconnected

* When we look at the components of a firm entirely we see something * The system must operate within a performing structure

* The interface among organizational elements for the purpose of task performance and goal achievement determines the degree of system performance * The structure may be seen as the hardware even though the system is viewed as the soft ware The subsequent questions are important

* Will the firm understand its eyesight, mission and strategic targets? * Will the firm the ideal resource things?

* Will be the resource components of a competent characteristics? Are they satisfactory? * Will the firm include a system to boost the program of various source items? * Is the structure right?

* Does the firm fully understand its exterior environment? 5. A way of understanding reality that emphasizes the relationships among a system's parts, as opposed to the parts themselves. * Worried about interrelationships among parts and their relationship to a functioning whole * Sees underlying habits and constructions

* Difficulty theory: complex adaptive devices; semi-independent, interacting agents; self-organization; emergence;...



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