Ted Baker Ratio Evaluation

Report: Financial Position and Performance of Ted Baker PLC – 2010 to 2013

The subsequent document examines the monetary performance and position of Ted Baker Plc during the last four fiscal years (2010 to 2013) using proportion analysis. The Appendix provided shows the balance sheet, income statement and calculated and graphical manifestation of the proportion analysis.

Overview of 2010-2013 Benefits:

Profitability: The company has shown very good profitability over time and is a top artist in its expert group. 2012 saw a change in earnings mix made from wholesale vs price tag (wholesale % increased) which will along with expansion and promotional actions oversees, saw a small decline in total profitability. This kind of then better in 2013. Efficiency: Inventory Turnaround Period has gradually increased because of stocking of inventory to fulfill growth and demand oversees which ended in increased capital expenditure. It is additionally well over a average inventory turnaround period of industry colleagues. Trade payable pay-outs and trade receivable receipts include remained constant and asset turnover can be steadily increasing. Liquidity: Decreasing trend in liquidity proportions. The CURRENT rate is still near the industry expert average. Yet, in 2012-13 excessive short term borrowing and increase in inventory in order to meet demand and growth offers resulted in the ACID TEST percentage to show up below you which is well below the sector peers. Additionally there is a negative cashflow in 2012-13. The company ought to look into financing some of the capital requirements from its stores and start minimizing the inventory stock. Gearing: The GEAR and INTERST COVER ratios are good with respect to market peers as well. Most of the industry�s expansion activities are borrowed from temporary borrowings instead of reserves or equity money. Investments: The company has paid out regular and steady returns over the period. The DIVIDEND YIELD and DIVIDEND COVER ratios are good. Good functionality, good EPS and a promising outlook offers resulted in investors and the marketplace showing confidence in the firm which is shown in very good PE proportions.

Simple SWOT and PESTEL Research:

Ted Baker PLC's aim outlined is definitely ‘' to turn into a world leading designer lifestyle brand ‘' and the strategy to achieve this is 1) Consider expansion of collection.

2) Control circulation through three main channels – retail, wholesale & licensing. 3) Carefully take care of development of existing and fresh international market segments.


Good brand name

Niche market in high end vogue

Geographical variety

Good quality

Upon trend styles

Very strong aesthetic merchandising

Sells women's put on, menswear, kid's wear, add-ons, bags, sneakers, fragrance splendor, teds combing. Recently residence fragrance Openly promotes Moral and Durability policies

Presents 15% college student discount

Use the internet and in store, has snack bars. worldwide

Good customer companies


Rising debt

Cashflow cycle

Syndication competency

Zero advertising

Limited size range

No expectant mothers range

No teenage selection


Global development plan

New market exploitation

Online product sales in producing markets

Classic marketing

Fast changing products

Sportswear range

Further throughout the world expansion

Portable app to get more social interaction

Rewards plan

Ladies grooming


Strong competition regionally and internationally

Changes in labour/wage laws

Competition are cheaper

Competitors have more ranges


Strategic PESTEL Analysis:

To be able to fulfil the strategic is designed, a PESTEL analysis was conducted in 2014 and summarised the following:


Political environment is quite stable in regions where the group runs (aim 3) No noticeable effect on religious beliefs (aim 3)


Economic uncertainty (aim 2)

Prize package to hold the skilled within the organization (aim 3) Social:

Demand for recyclable clothes (aim 1)

Social media marketing (all 3 aims)...



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