The utilization of Setting in "the Lottery” and "the Rocking Horses Winner”

The Use of Setting in " The Lottery” and " The Rocking Horses Winner” Sean Vanover

English language 102 D30 Fall 2011


" The Lottery”, simply by Shirley Knutson, and D. H. Lawrence's " The Rocking-Horse Winner” provide two disparate uses of Setting in a brief story which emphasize the importance of the element in a story. 1 author distracts the reader, while the other determines the structure of the tale.


1 . Intro

a. Quick overview of " The Lottery”

b. Speedy overview of " The Rocking-Horse Winner”

2 . Summary with the use of environment

a. " The Lottery”

i actually. Diversion in the theme

2. Bright, sunny, happy

n. " The Rocking-Horse Winner”

i. Support structure from the story

ii. Used to move the reader in the story

three or more. Similarities and differences

a. Both are practical and believable

b. Use in " The Lottery” to divert audience from condition

c. Utilization in " The Rocking-Horse” creates the primary of the story 4. Brief summary and close

a. Knutson uses establishing primarily to divert target audience

b. Lawrence uses environment to support the story's structure

c. Restate thesis -- Dichotomy focuses on importance of the effective use of setting  

The Use of Setting in " The Lottery” and " The Rocking Horse Winner”

" The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson, " The Rocking-Horse Winner”, by and D. L. Lawrence, offer two barbaridad uses of setting in a short story which emphasize the importance of the element in a tale. One publisher distracts the reader, while the additional establishes the framework of the story. Shirley Jackson's " The Lottery” is a worrying short account about an annual event in a small town in New Britain; a lotto to select who be stoned. The townspeople come to the village central square to accomplish an annual routine that has gone in for a considerable number of years. They have an almost joyful attitude when they explain to you their selection, and once one among their users is discovered, they seem to blissfully perform their nasty task...

Recommendations: Aintree Racecourse. Grand National. Retrieved The fall of 11, 2011, from

Jackson, T. (1948). The Lottery. In Kennedy, Back button. J. and Gioia M. (ed), Materials - An intro to Hype, Poetry, Theatre, and Composing. Sixth Copy. (pp. 213-218). Longman.



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