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Guide to 'operations in practice', examples, brief cases an incident studies Making the most of this book and MyOMLab Preface To the Instructor To the Student Ten steps to getting a better grade in operations management About the authors Acknowledgements Problems and applications Picked further examining Useful websites 58 59 59

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Phase 3 Businesses strategy

Advantages What is approach and what is operations strategy? The 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' perspectives The market requirements and operations methods perspectives The operations approach Summary answers to essential questions Case study: Long Shape Gliding Club Problems and applications Picked further browsing Useful internet sites

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Part One INTRO Chapter one particular Operations supervision

Introduction What is operations administration? Operations managing is important in all of the types of organization The input-transformation-output process The process hierarchy Operations procedures have different attributes The activities of operations supervision Summary answers to crucial questions Example: Design home partnerships in Concept Design and style Services Concerns and applications Selected even more reading Beneficial web sites


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Portion Two STYLE Chapter some Process design

Introduction What is process design and style? What results should method design possess? Process types - the volume-variety effect on process style Detailed procedure design Brief summary answers to key questions Case study: The Central Evaluation Unit Complications and applications Selected further reading Beneficial web sites

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Phase 2 Operations performance

Introduction Operations functionality is vital for just about any organization The quality objective The velocity objective The dependability objective The flexibility objective The cost goal Trade-offs between performance objectives Summary answers to essential questions Example: Operations targets at the Penang Mutiara

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Chapter your five The design of products

Introduction Exactly why is good style so important? Some great benefits of interactive design and style Summary answers to key questions Case study: Chatsworth -- the adventure playground decision Concerns and applications Selected additional reading Beneficial web sites

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Part 6 Supply network design and style

Introduction The provision network point of view Configuring the provision network The positioning of capability Long-term ability management Summary answers to key questions " Case study: Disneyland Hotel Paris (abridged) Problems and applications • Selected even more reading Useful web sites


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Organization style Job style Summary answers to essential questions Case study: Service Adhesives tries again Problems and applications Picked further studying Useful websites

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Dietary supplement to Part 9 Operate study

Launch Method analyze in work design Work measurement in job design

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Supplement to Chapter 6th Forecasting

Launch Forecasting - knowing the options In essence forecasting is simple Methods to forecasting Selected further browsing


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Part Three PLANNING AND CONTROL Section 10 The size of planning and control Introduction What is planning and control? Supply and demand impact planning and control Planning and control activities Overview answers to key questions Case study: Surroundings traffic control - a world-class juggling act Concerns and applications Selected further reading Beneficial web sites



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Chapter six Layout and flow

Launch What is structure? The basic structure...



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