The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe: The Irony

The Dark Side

In lots of short stories, the experts use standpoint to direct the reader's attention upon what this individual wants to highlight in the storyline and characterization. However in the short story " The Black Cat”, by Edgar Allan Poe, the reader understands that the narrator who is showing the story can be not providing a reliable account of the unfolding situation. Poe initially pieces the reader approximately be sympathetic to the narrator, but as the storyline moves ahead, the reader begins to question the narrator's sanity, and therefore his reliability, and in the process loses sympathy for him.

Poe creates his brief story via a first person point of view. The first person lien plays an important part in portraying the key character's chaos. Telling the storyline from the first person point of view (a perspective that Poe used quite frequently), intensifies the result of the ensuing moral wreckage and scary. The reader is invited to delve into the inner workings with the dark side from the mind with the narrator.

If a story provides a first person narration, one expects to be able to believe that the character and fully understand the plot in the story since there is only one version of events rather than multiple perspectives. However in " The Dark-colored Cat”, Poe throws in a twist. The narrator of " The Black Cat” is characterized as hard to rely on. An untrustworthy narrator makes the reader suspend belief and have, " Do this happen? ” rather than " What happened? ” From the beginning of the account he straightforwardly says, " I neither expect nor solicit belief” (137). This statement makes curiosity in the reader pertaining to what's to come, in the end the narrator himself is saying that this individual does not anticipate anyone to imagine his story. The starting sentence also highlights the narrator's personal perplexity in the " wild” yet " homely” story that he can about to recount (137). This individual does not expect the reader to think him since this is a " case in which my very senses decline their own facts. Yet angry I i am...



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