The Importance Of any College Education

One of the most wealthy men on planet is Carlos Slim. He is worth $74 billion. In a single of his speeches, he tells the storyline that back to college mainly because his workers made mistakes, and when the paper job came to him for review, he could not find individuals mistakes. Hence, he had to return to college and major in finance in order to sufficiently run a successful business. Slim visits schools and talks about how education is important to foreseeable future success. This individual has given lots of money to universities, and helps students with their education to achieve their dreams. Slim says " We will commit all the solutions necessary to makes venture a hit. ” Slims quote means do whatever it takes to achieve success. College or university education can help everyone out with their professional work and keeps you away from labor work. Following discussing the topic about likely to college with family and friends, whom played an important role of helping me decide to go to college.

. The words of famous people encouraged me to travel college because they are successful and happily taking pleasure in their lifestyle. Dana Frederick's father never attended school because he could hardly afford this, but this individual knew the value of hard work. He is a great ideas to me because back in times it was hard to get loans and pay for college but in this century it is definitely easy to get financial loans and most from the parents is willing to support their kids in case their kids actually want to go to college or university so they can put meaning to their lives. Meaning in life is really added when one is proven to work to get to figure out what they in fact want within their lives. Barack Obama in a speech regarding the need to have an overabundance student graduate from colleges stated " Raising graduation prices. Preparing each of our graduates to succeed in this economic climate. Making college or university affordable. Which how we will put a higher education at your fingertips for anyone who wants it. That is how we're going reach each of our goal of once again leading the world in college college graduation rates right at the end of this 10 years. ” Barack Obama's...



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