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п»їThe house of Bernarda Samarie


SCENE one particular

MAID: My head is stuffed with these tolling bells.

PONCIA: They've been mumbling apart for more than two hours today. Oh, give thanks to God jooxie is alone for any moment! Rinse everything clean. If Bernarda doesn't observe things glow, she'll get of the handful of hairs I use left.

MAID: Exactly what a university woman! My hands are bleeding by all this searching.

PONCIA: The lady – the most immaculate – the most respectable. She – the most outstanding! Her poor husband provides earned a good rest. Damn her!

CLEANING SERVICE: She's recently been good to you personally.

PONCIA: Thirty years, washing her sheets, eating her outstanding. Nights viewing over her when the girl coughs. Complete days peering through the breaks, to spy on the neighbours and take her gossip. A your life with no secrets from one another. And yet – damn her!

MAID: Poncia!

[ the bells ring]

PONCIA: The past prayer – I'm going to listen. i enjoy the way the priest sings!

HOUSE MAID: Yes, yes, toll away! Bring in the coffin having its gold limits and the silk towels to handle it with. In the end you'll certainly be the same as me. Rot away, Antonio Karen Benavides, stiff in your woven suit along with your high shoes! Rot away! Never once again will you lift up up my skirts at the rear of the back corraliza!


BERNARDA: Magdalena, don't weep! If you want to cry, spider under the understructure. Did you hear me? Adela, give me admirer.

ADELA: In this article you are.

BERNARDA: Is the lover you give into a widow? Give me a dark-colored one, and find out to admiration your dad's memory!

TORTURA: Take my own.

BERNARDA: What about you?

MARTIRIO: I don't feel warm.

BERNARDA: Well try to find another – you're going to need one. During our 8-10 years of grieving, no wind from streets will get into this home! Pretend we have sealed in the doors and windows with bricks.

In which is Asco?

ADELA: I saw her peering through the splits in the entry way. The men got just remaining.

BERNARDA: Therefore you? Why did you go to the door, as well?

ADELA: We went to view it the chickens had laid.

BERNARDA: Angustias! Angustias!

ANGUSTIAS: What do you want?

BERNARDA: Is it correct for a woman of your class to go running after a man when needed of her father's funeral mass? Response me! Who had been you taking a look at?



ANGUSTIAS: You weakling! You're sickening!

PONCIA: Bernarda, settle down.

BERNARDA: Get from here! Everyone!

MARTIRIO: Where's Adela?

MAGDALENA: Ah! Your woman put on saving money dress the girl made to wear on her birthday, she went out to the corralon and began to shout, ‘Chickens! Chickens, check out me! ' I had to laugh.

AMELIA: If mom had viewed her!

MAGDALENA: Poor little issue! She's the youngest individuals, and this wounderful woman has dreams. I would personally give everything to see her happy.

ASCO: What time is it?

MAGDALENA: It must be 12 by now.

ANGUSTIAS: So overdue?

AMELIA: Is actually just about to strike.

MAGDALENA: Do you know about this yet?



SACRIFICIO: I don't know what you happen to be referring to.

MAGDALENA: You two get more information on it than I do. Regarding Pepe un Romano.


MAGDALENA [mimicking]: They are previously talking about that in town. Vitalite el Romano wants to get married to Angustias.

TORTURA: I'm delighted. He's handsome.

AMELIA: Me too. Asco has good qualities.

MARTIRIO: Magdalena! Really!

MAGDALENA: If he wanted Asco for very little, Angustias like a woman, I might be delighted. But this individual wants her money.

MARTIRIO: No longer talk that way. Luck relates to those who least expect this.

AMELIA: After all, she is telling the truth! Angustias features all her father's funds. She is the sole rich one out of the house. For this reason now that the father is definitely dead plus the estate has been settled, they're coming after her.

MAGDALENA: Energie el Pontificio is 25 years old. It would be natural pertaining to him being interested in you Amelia, or in our Adela, but not to come trying to find the gloomiest person with this house...



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