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THE SAMSUNG COMPANY ELECT LTD(F) (SSNLF): Samsung's New Strategy Is A Worry For Apple - In search of Alpha

Samsung's New Technique Is A Get worried For Apple

Nov 25 2013, 00: 07

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Samsung (OTC: SSNLF) and Apple (AAPL) are two leading players of the smart phone industry (see the stand below). Apple is the most lucrative, while Samsung korea is the major player (by revenue as well as volumes) in the marketplace. Samsung is not only the largest but also is one of the most competitive person in the industry. Samsung is becoming more and more competitive due to the rising scale and built-in operations mainly because it makes poker chips and displays for most of its cell phones in-house.

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Samsung may be the most competitive player, although Apple is considered the most profitable player because Apple is the ruler of the high quality segment in the market. Average selling price of iPhone is much higher than their competitors, and it yields very high margins for Apple.

Despite every one of the efforts just like, lower prices, aggressive marketing, improvements, etc . Samsung so far is not able to challenge Apple's prominence in the superior segment. Samsung korea reported a muted development in the sales of its superior handsets for the last reported one fourth, whereas Apple reported a great 8% continuous rise in the iPhone shipments during the same period.

(Source: Companies documents)

There are multiple reasons behind Apple's dominance in the high-end smartphone segment just like its brand image and its premium hardware as well as software program quality (iOS). Competitors may well argue this kind of, but the prominence of Apple shows that inside the buyer's head Apple is known as a premium brand, which offers ground breaking technologies. The creation of the seekingalpha. com/article/1860001-samsungs-new-strategy-is-a-worry-for-apple? source=email_rt_article_readmore



SAMSUNG DECIDE LTD(F) (SSNLF): Samsung's New Strategy Is A Worry Pertaining to Apple -- Seeking Leader

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