Twelfth Night: Two Looks, One Head

Twelfth Night: Two Encounters, One Head

As in most comedies, Bill Shakespeare's 12th Night thoroughly uses disguises, masks and mistaken details to add to the comical characteristics of the enjoy. Viola's conceal as Orsino's page, Cesario, becomes crucial to the action in the perform. Without this important aspect, the action in the enjoy would reduce dramatically, making the story a lesser amount of intriguing. In addition to making the play much less interesting, the disguise is usually necessary to develop the storyline including Sebastian, plus the confusion that his return creates. It also is vital to the conflict among Olivia and Orsino, which usually depends on Viola's disguise to keep things fascinating.

Viola's undercover dress becomes increasing more important while the events come about. The majority of the story lines be based upon the cover. Without that, the main theme of the play would be the gulling of Malvolio. In a enjoy where almost all of the characters adore each other, sightless to the gender and the case identity with the objects of their desires, a disguise like Viola's becomes the center in the action, to result in almost all the of the crucial aspects of the play.

The confusion that Sebastian produces when he earnings would not happen without Viola's disguise. Friend Andrew feels that the female of his desires, Olivia, is spending too much time with Cesario, and challenges him to a duel. As he put it, Olivia was doing " more mementos to the Count's servingman than ever before she presented upon me. " (3-2 l. 5-7) At first, Viola is nearly required into a fight, but is usually saved when the confused Antonio arrives. Down the line, Sebastian and Andrew get involved in a scuffle, which is why Viola is usually unjustly blamed. Finally Sebastian and Viola are reunited, but simply after they have caused a lot of chaos and also have confused everyone. It is only in that case that everybody begins to discover the extent of Viola's deception.

More disorder is created when ever Olivia, who Orsino is definitely hopelessly in love...



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