UNIX® and Linux® Comparison Matrix - five Marks

University of Phoenix, arizona Material

Unix® and Linux® Comparison Matrix - 5 Marks

1 . Name 3 versions of Unix

1 ) AT& Capital t (System Sixth is v Release) Types

2 . BSD (Berkeley Application Distribution) in the University of California in Berkeley 3. XENIX by Microsoft

2 . Name 3 versions of Linux

1 ) Canonicals' Ubuntu

2 . Novell's openSUSE

several. Red Hat's Fedora

3. Describe a few major dissimilarities between Unix and Cpanel

1 . The difference between UNIX and Apache is that UNIX trademark is specific to systems that meet a complex set of X/Open standards and has a price whereas Linux is free 2 . The original UNIX program was drafted in PDP-7 assembly dialect and the subsequent version was written in a language named B, which was developed by Thompson in 1970. three or more. Linux can be described as clone with the UNIX operating-system, and Cpanel system can be distributed, utilized, and expanded free of charge four. Unix can be primarily a command range oriented operating system

4. Which in turn of the subsequent is not just a UNIX or perhaps Linux alternative

a. SunOS

b. RedHat

c. DOS and MS-DOS

g. HP-UX

at the. Debian

5. Utilize command to alter directory spots.

a. cd

m. rm

c. mkdir

d. cut

six. Use the control to erase a directory site.

a. delete_dir

m. mkdir

c. rmdir

deb. cat

six. Which in the following are text publishers? (Choose all of that apply. ) a. ni or Angulo

b. emacs

c. ls

d. feline

8. The command produces a directory known as winchester inside the root index. a. mkdir /winchester

w. mkdir.. /Winchester

c. mkdir \winchester

g. md /Winchester

9. The command enables you to change listing locations into a child directory site named child1. a. mkdir ƒ child1

b. cdƒ.. / child1

c. disc child1

d. cdƒ as well as

10. The command that deletes a file.

a. rmdir

b. cd

c. rm - To delete folders using rm enter the pursuing at a shell prompt (rm.. as well as.. /filename) –This is for Cpanel d. pwd

11. The command displays your present operating directory.

a. cat

w. cd

c. touch

d. pwd- UNIX operating system




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