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" I just hope that people don't drop sight of one thing –that it was every started by a mouse. ” – Walt Disney. This paper displays the life of Walt Disney and how the Disney brand became known world-wide. When folks hear " Disney” they often think of Mickey Mouse, the theme theme parks, or certainly one of Walt's amazingly famous motion pictures. There is a lot more history in back of his name that not many persons know about. Walt Disney was an extremely imaginative and motivated man, and personally he is one of my personal biggest role models.

To begin, Walter Elias Disney came to be in Chi town, Illinois in 1901 (Webster's 285). The happy parents of Walt happen to be Elias Disney and Bacteria Call (Mosley 24-25). He had 3 elderly brothers and 1 more youthful sister (Fisher 13). The moment Walt was just an newborn he and his family moved to Marceline, Missouri (bio. accurate story). Actually Marceline was your inspiration intended for Main Streets USA, in Disneyland (bio. true). Then simply as he received older that they packed up and shifted again, on this occasion to Kansas City, Missouri (Watts 9). In his time in Kansas he went to art classes at the Kansas Art Company (Watts 9). In 1917, Walt returned to Chicago, where he attended McKinley Senior high school (bio. true). He had expectations of becoming a newspaper cartoonist, but they had been cut short because he attended France and Germany to push an secours for the American Red Cross (bio. true).

In addition , In 1925 Walt married Lillian Bounds (Fisher 31). Together Lillian and Walt experienced two daughters, Diane and Sharon (Fisher 31). Diane was born in 1933 and Sharon was developed in 1936 (Fisher 31). Walt performed as a world famous American film producer (Webster's 285). In 1922 this individual and a friend opened an animation studio room; there they will made brief 1-2 day animated movies (bio. true). Then on December 12-15, 1966 this individual died in Los Angeles, A bunch of states (bio. true). He was, like most people back then, a smoker and died coming from lung tumor (OK). Walter was so devoted and passionate about his...



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