We Have on the Mask

Kyle Bigelow

Dr . R. Clohessy

English 202-203

Come july 1st 7, 2013

An Unfolding of Paul Laurence Dunbar's: We Have on the Face mask

The poem is camouflaging the soreness and enduring as an ex-slave. Paul Laurence Dunbar created this masterpiece of literature throughout the same period former slaves were in search of civil rights and equality in America. This individual symbolizes the mask as being a smile or grin that covered up the true thoughts underlying – the unhappiness, disparity, and hopelessness. Having been effective by utilizing that mark to denote desire in the midst of the sad journey Photography equipment American's were on. The writer communicates the optimistic endurance of pain and affliction with the mask that blacks sports to trick white persons into assuming that anything was okay.

The mask person did not desire the world to concentrate so much on what was genuinely happening inside. He planned to take the emphasis off of the soreness and struggle and divert it towards hope and strength that was within the individual. The poem includes a deep psychological touch to it, when you understand what the mask signifies -- freedom, peace, joy and hope. The hope and determination that a past slave had would for some reason free the soul through the bondage of mental and spiritual organizations. The article writer perfectly illustrated the cover up to make the visitor understand that there is certainly one thing that cannot be taken away -- expect. As hard as it was to smile in all of the discomfort and soreness that Photography equipment American's experienced on a daily basis, it had been done, therefore cleverly that no one noticed.

Paul genuinely designed the poem to spark hope and encourage the reader. The African American's would some day overcome oppression. Just because we were holding without similar rights and liberties, that they refused to leave that specify their happiness, happiness and peace. The writer properly wrote the poem to trigger an emotional response in the target audience by telling him, " We wear the cover up that grins and lies, it hides our cheeks and hues our sight -- this kind of debt we pay...

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