Welfare and Cigarettes

With the improved health problems that caused by smoking, more and more people feel that the production and sale of cigs should be built illegal. Nevertheless , these people are likely to ignore that the positive outcome of cigarettes organization brings to the society. Additionally they falsely think that prohibition of manufacturing and advertising cigarettes is going to lead people to adopt a healthier living environment. Smokes business is among the most successful industries in the world. The government receive huge amount of taxes by cigarettes firms and this actually uses the money to assist fund the welfare system, in which a lots of people can usually benefit from. Making production and sale of cigarettes against the law will definitely damage the income of the federal government, and add stresses on various people who are in need of welfare courses.

Some makers of cigarettes will probably keep the organization running beneath the table, because they are still attracted by the huge profit. This will create more problems that it actually has. It may cause chaos to the community, as smokers go depressed and do harmful points without having cigarettes. It may also enhance crime price, since individuals have to operate cigarettes illegally; it can burden the government, because the government needs to spend additional money on recruiting to stop the illegal deal and purchase of cigarettes. The potential negative effects on the illegalization of cigarettes are clearly telling us it is not a desired approach.

In addition , many people who smoke and know that if they consume too many cigarettes, their lifestyle will be carefully thread with various health issues; however , they will still decide to smoke without worrying about their future health. If they have cared significantly less of their health, they could find way around to purchase smoking cigarettes and smoking anyway actually knowing that can be illegal. Thus, it simply cannot provide people with a healthier living environment.

In conclusion, the government should not associated with production and sale of...



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