Staff Relations in Ndpl

Employee Relations for North Delhi Power Ltd: A Case Analysis

Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB), a Delhi State owned or operated power division company, acquired run into hefty losses. The reasons were power thefts, dissatisfied customer base and large employee file corruption error. Lack of an effective HR office and employees grievance's system also included with their concerns.

When ever NDPL took over, it helped bring series of practical and structural changes in the corporation. The business was modified to get more buyer focused. NDPL undertook a number of measures just like offering VRS, redefining KRAs and JDs, increasing number of zones and circles and redefining the organization's perspective statement. The newest HR division framed overall performance driven appraisal policies to get NDPL plan based workers. Some grievance addressing system like ‘Meet the CEO' and ‘Sarathi' were also launched. These measures generated good-will among the personnel which could become gauged by the successful celebration of ‘Industrial Harmony Week' on May time. The event included several ethnical and interpersonal activities aimed to promote NDPL's work traditions.

As time passes, the differential box treatment of DVB scheme primarily based and NDPL scheme primarily based employees started to cause chaffing in their human relationships. This parting of staff based on strategies was a point which likely NDPL could have avoided. Kuldeep's subordination trouble was also a manifestation of the differential treatment. It was as well an example of side-effects of collaborative working between Heera Lal and the companies. Workers believed Heera lal had turned into a steward and had ‘sold-out' their pursuits to the management. (Ref: Obtaining a New Balance? ) That led to Kuldeep Sharma getting their self confidence and getting him self elected while General Admin of DSWEU. Rehman's case further improved Kuldeep's command position in the eye of his supporters. Presently, Sardana looks challenge in balancing trade-off between handling noncompliance and avoiding key...



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