Maybe you have even evaluated someone upon who she or he is or the actual looked like? And also have you ever had a bad encounter or upsetting experience happens and you viewed for someone or perhaps something the culprit, but in reality there was nothing to blame? Well, a natural disaster can be blamed on nobody, but in occasions like that feelings run outrageous and blame can be put in someone who fits a certain account. Racism and Hurricane Katrina were two forces that clashed with each other to create an even bigger problem for the victims. This is caused by an low self-esteem of the condition at hand. In the book Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, racism and racial profiling is the actual themes in the story. These types of themes are also the underlying designs of people who are subjected to this every day with their lives. Racism and profiling in America today are two growing factors due to the terrorist attack on September 11th, the conflict in the Middle East, and the reality most people feel that people through the Middle East are terrorists. Zeitoun's history should be informed so that the people who find themselves not put through racism and profiling can get a taste of how an individual who has done nothing but good for him self, his along with neighbors can easily just instantly be subjected to misperceptions of others because they are scared by a traumatic experience. To guage another person without knowing them is usually wrong, though everyone can it, but to accuse a person of a thing without knowing is usually worse. Zeitoun was offender of criminal offenses, thrown in prison, thought to be a terrorist, and treated less an American resident, but as a great alien. In accordance to Mollyann Brodie, Typhoon Katrina hit land on September 29, june 2006, as a category four hurricane, causing great damage through the entire Gulf Coastline region and also basically doing damage to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Abdulrahman Zeitoun was a patient of this typhoon, making him a victim of racism. For Zeitoun, being a Muslim made him no different than any other person, except for a few cultural dissimilarities. Zeitoun was obviously a victim of hurricane Katrina and also a victim of problem, racism, racial profiling, and distortion by the media, falsely incarceration and in a way a victim of society because the government would not handle the hurricane condition well. The us government did not take care of it very well because they were doing not ensure people were removed and also they would not have established law enforcement that might preform the right duties and use the accurate guidelines. The officials that they had had been military pads and what seemed because regular people dressed in bulletproof vests, holding pistols, and arresting people. Overall there was not any order. Inside the novel, Abdulrahman Zeitoun was a Muslim man who found America, occupied New Orleans and became section of the American functioning class. He owned his own business, had an American wife and children, existed well, and made money which can be what every single American would like. But after Hurricane Katrina hit, even though he realized he was checked out differently ahead of, he rapidly found out that he was viewed as the cause of destruction in the sight of some people who did not know him. The story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun should be advised because is usually shows two sides in the story. 1 side, Zeitoun, who is a humble, hardworking man really loves America and those in that. Then you will find the other aspect of the observe, which involves racism and shows the side in the people who understand Zeitoun and judge him based on his appearance. They will see the presence of a Middle-Eastern man whom in the sight of a lot of people, is seen as nothing more than a terrorist who hates America. In respect to a CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS News vote, 51% of Americans believe that ethnicity profiling is justifiable which is okay to do. So really does that make it okay to be hurtful and discriminate against a person? Not any, especially when the racism is about an event that no person could possibly help. While if a person is hurtful due to coping issues it really is still incorrect. As for those who hear...

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